She`s Tech is a community / movement that aims to strengthen the female presence in the technology sector.

The goal is to inspire, engage, empower women to seek knowledge and to undertake careers and technology-based businesses.

Work to demystify technology as a male sector.

What we envision in the medium term is to have the first accelerating community of women to work in Latin American technology based businesses here in Belo Horizonte! In the San Pedro Valley!

For this, we are seeking mentoring, partnerships and the support of people and companies that identify with the cause: More women in technology!

We believe this would be the right time. Women's empowerment is on the agenda at the UN and in society. The HeForShe movement is a global effort to engage men and boys in removing social and cultural barriers that prevent women from reaching their potential, and to help men and women model a new society together.

Our story
A little more about the history of the community ...
"My story with technology started in 2010 but it started to come out of the paper only in 2016. I think the answer has come when I begin my studies in this area. 
I graduated in communication and participated in Lemonade05 super, a pre-acceleration program and of 43 startups, only 5 had CEO women.
In the meetups I went to, they had only 10% women. In the subject of the DCC of UFMG that I studied in the 2/2016 semester, of 60 students, only 5 were women.''

Ciranda de Morais