Our Mission: Grow a stronger female presence in the Brazilian Tech sector


At She’ Tech, we believe we can inspire, engage and empower women to identify new career opportunities in the the tech industry. Our mission is to help women to achieve their career goals while strengthening and enhancing the tech community.


Our vision is to work towards changing the tech industry from a male predominant sector.


At She’s Tech we have a two year plan to grow the presence of Women in Tech in Latin America by driving community engagement and supporting ongoing education within the Tech Industry. We are starting this movement in Belo Horizonte/ Minas Gerais, Brazil with the goal to expand coverage across Latin America by 2020.

We are currently looking to partner up with technology and development communities globally to align mentors and support fellow companies that can amplify and identify with our movement: More Women in Tech!





Ciranda de Morais: Founder

Ciranda’s story in Tech started in 2010 but became reality by 2016.

After graduating in 2004 with a communications degree, Ciranda participated in Lemonade05 super, a pre-acceleration program with 43 startups, but had only five Women CEO. The pattern continued as Ciranda started participating in local Meetups, and noticed only 10% of the women were in attendance. The percentages of women continue to decrease at Ciranda’s college, with 5 women representatives out of the 60 person class.

With an idea to change the Women Tech Industry in Brazil, Ciranda started She’s Tech in 2016 and currently has over 600 members.